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Supervisor Andersen endorsement of key leaders in Contra Costa County

State Senator Steve Glazer
Former State Senator Richard Rainey

State Assemblywoman Catharine Baker
Former State Assemblywoman Lynne Leach
Contra Costa Auditor-Controller Bob Campbell
Contra Costa District Attorney Mark Peterson

Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston
Contra Costa Supervisor John Gioia, District 1
Contra Costa Supervisor Federal Glover, District 5
Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, District 4
Contra Costa Supervisor Mary Nejedly Piepho, District 3
Contra Costa Treasurer Tax Collector Russell Watts
Danville Town Council
  • Mayor Karen Stepper
  • Vice-Mayor Renee Morgan
  • Councilmember Newell Arnerich
  • Councilmember Mike Doyle
  • Councilmember Robert Storer
Lafayette City Council
  • Vice-Mayor Mike Anderson
  • Councilmember Brandt Andersson
  • Councilmember Traci Reilly
  • Councilmember Don Tatzin
  • Former Mayor Carol Federighi
Moraga Town Council
  •  Mayor Mike Metcalf
  • Vice-Mayor David Trotter
  • Councilmember Phil Arth
  • Councilmember Teresa Onoda
  • Councilmember Roger Wykle
  • Former Mayor Ken Chew
  • Former Mayor Al Dessayer
  • Former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey
Orinda City Council
  • Mayor Victoria Smith
  • Councilmember Amy Worth
  • Councilmember Dean Orr
  • Former Mayor Sue Severson
  • Former Mayor Steve Glazer
San Ramon City Council
  • Mayor Bill Clarkson
  • Vice-Mayor Harry Sachs
  • Councilmember Dave Hudson
  • Councilmember Scott Perkins
  • Former Councilmember  Carol Rowley
Walnut Creek City Council
  • Mayor Loella Haskew
  • Vice-Mayor Rich Carlston
  • Councilmember Cindy Silva
  • Councilmember Robert Simmons
  • Former Mayor Kathy Hicks
  • Former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey
In the 2012 Election Supervisor Andersen received strong community support.  The Contra Costa Times said Andersen was the right Supervisor Choice:
“Andersen holds much better command of the specifics, especially the nuances of public-employee pensions, and a more realistic approach to finances.” Contra Costa Times
Danville and San Ramon Express say Experience Matters:
“Andersen’s polished presentation, local government experience and positive attitude make her the right candidate for supervisor at this time… We believe Candace Andersen will do what’s best for the entire San Ramon Valley, District 2 and the county.”  Danville and San Ramon Express
Mayor Andersen has been endorsed by outgoing Supervisor Gayle Uilkema: 
“Experience matters. District 2 is best served by someone who has City Council experience and has served on County boards and commissions… Candace has the experience, education and training to analyze complex matters. She understands the needs of the community and how to carefully allocate the limited resources in County government.” Supervisor Gayle Uilkema.
Candace is proud to announce her  endorsement by Contra Costa County’s Top Law Enforcement Officials:
  • David Livingston, County Sheriff
  • Mark Peterson, District Attorney
  • Ken Westermann, Deputy Sheriffs Association President
  • Barry Grove, Deputy District Attorney Association President
  • Warren Rupf, County Sheriff (Retired)
  • Richard Rainey, County Sheriff (Retired)
  • Gary Yancey, District Attorney (Retired)
She is also endorsed by the entire Danville Town Council and the following Elected and Appointed Officials:
  • Russell V. Watts, County Treasurer
  • Bob Schroder, County Supervisor (Retired)
  • Newell Arnerich, Vice-Mayor and former Mayor
  • Mike Doyle, Council member and former Mayor
  • Karen Stepper, Council member and former Mayor
  • Robert Storer, Council member
  • Don Ritchey, former Mayor
  • Mayor Carol Federighi
  • Vice Mayor Mike Anderson
  • Ivor Samson, former Mayor
  • Mayor Mike Metcalf
  • Vice-Mayor Howard Harpham
  • Council Member and former Mayor Dave Trotter
  • Former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey
  • Former Mayor Al Dessayer
  • Former Mayor Graig Crossley
  • Council member and former Mayor Sue Severson
  • School Board Member Pat Rudebusch
  • School Board Member Chris Severson
  • Former School Board Member Riki Sorenson
San Ramon
  • Bill Clarkson, Mayor
  • Jim Livingstone,  Vice-Mayor
  • Dave Hudson,  Council Member
  • Scott Perkins, Council Member
  • Mary Lou Oliver, Former Mayor
  • Abram Wilson, Former Mayor
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
  • President Greg Marvel
  • Board Member Rachel Hurd
  • Board Member Denise Jennison
  • Board Member Paul Gardner
  • Former Board Member Linda Wurzbach
Walnut Creek
  • Former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey
  • Former Mayor Charlie Abrams
Other Elected and Appointed Leaders
  • Helen Allen, former Mayor of Concord
  • Tiffany Attwood, Danville Planning Comm
  • Bill Baker, former U.S. Congressman
  • Brigitte Bize, Danville Arts Commissioner
  • Kerri Bock-Willmes, Danville Planning Comm
  • Barbara Cappa, Alamo Police Services Advisory
  • Bob Combs, League of California Cities Board of Directors and Danville Planning Commissioner
  • Michael Cory, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Tom Del Becarro, Chairman of California  GOP
  • Loucy DeAtley, former Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Patty Dobbin, Heritage Resource Commissioner
  • Kevin Donvan, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Michael Di Geronimo, former San Ramon Planning Commission Chair
  • Erlene DeMarcus, Former BART director
  • Doug Farry, Danville Heritage Resource Commissioner
  • Mark Graham, Danville Planning Commissioner
  • Lee Halverson, Heritage Resource Commissioner
  • David Harmer, former Candidate for Congress
  • Rosemarie Hardy, Danville Arts Commissioner
  • Lynn Hiden, Lafayette Circulation Commissioner
  • Peggy Hiramine, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Guy Houston, former Assemblyman and former Mayor of Dublin
  • Jane Joyce, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Donna Kerger, San Ramon Planning Commissioner
  • Becky Kolberg,  Central Committee Chair GOP
  •  Lynne Leach, former Assemblywoman
  • Roxanne Lindsay, Fire Board Member
  • Judy Lloyd, Presidential appointee, U.S. Dept of Labor & U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
  • Mike Metcalf, Mayor and Council Member Moraga
  • Steve Mick, Alamo Municipal Advisory Council
  • Renee Morgan, Danville Planning Commissioner, Design Review Board Member and Heritage Resource Commissioner
  • Michael Murray, former County Planning Commissioner
  • Steve Nelson, Alamo Police Services Advisory Committee Member
  • Bob Nichols, Danville Planning Commissioner
  • Lyn Overcashier, Danville Planning Commissioner
  • Stewart Proctor, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Paul Radich, Danville Planning Commissioner
  • Traci Reilly, Lafayette Crime Prevention Commission
  • Susan Ritner, Danville Arts Commissioner
  • Ken Sandy, former Danville Police Chief and former SR Valley Fire Protection District Board Member
  • David “Shoe” Shuey, Council member and former Mayor of Clayton
  • Arne Simonsen, former Antioch Council member and former chair of the Delta Protection Commission
  • Carol Singer, Lafayette Parks,Trails and Recreation Commissioner
  • Matt Stamey, Fire Board Member
  • Hank Stratford, Council member and former Mayor of Clayton
  • Scott Tinetti, Danville Parks Commissioner
  • Alicia Watson, Alamo Improvement Association
  • Jack Weir, Council member of Pleasant Hill
  • Chris Wenzel, former Danville Police Chief
  • Jim Wood, Danville Design Review Board Member
  • Linda Wurzbach, former San Ramon Valley Unified School Board Member
  • Dominque Yancey, San Ramon Parks and Community Services Commission
More Supporters in the Community:
  • Traci Adams
  • Craig Andersen
  • Courtney Andersen
  • Mollie Andersen
  • PJ Andersen
  • Steve Andersen
  • Sue Woodworth Bennett
  • Jan Berckefeldt
  • Rachel Bertha
  • Brian Bertha
  • Bryan Birrell
  • Kara Birrell
  • Marge Blake-Myers
  • Julie Blau
  • Mike Blau
  • James Bradley
  • Linda Brewer
  • Keith and Janet Brimhall
  • David Bromley
  • Debbie Bromley
  • Chuck Brydon
  • MaryAnn Cardona
  • Ann Call
  • Gordon Chong
  • Mike Corrigan
  • Rick Cronk
  • Andrea Dabier
  • Russ Darby
  • Dan Davis
  • Jerry Dees
  • Stephen Dexter
  • Katie Diamond
  • Lawrence Dickinson
  • Thomas Eagen
  • Lynn Eager
  • Tom Eager
  • Chris Edlund
  • Jim Edlund
  • Jim Foot
  • Glenn Forslin
  • Nicole Franz
  • Marilyn Gardner
  • Nancy Garnick
  • Darlene Gayler
  • George Gayler
  • Ella Gower
  • Jim Greenan
  • Nathan Greene
  • Jana Haertl
  • Chad Hales
  • June Hannon
  • Dale Haukland
  •  Joanne Haukland
  • Carol M Hehmeyer
  • Dave Hiden
  • Ben Hill
  • Jim Holmes
  • Rita Holmes
  • Sue Holmes
  • Tom Holmes
  • Clair Hotten
  • Rick Hutchins
  • Belinda Hylinski
  • Gayle Israel
  • Larry Israel
  • Richard Israel
  • Ken Johnson
  • Janet Johnson
  • Clark Jones
  • Isaiah Jones
  • Tamara Jones
  • Phil Kagel
  • Bryant King
  • Debbie Klein
  • Terry Koehne
  • Chuck Lamb
  • Renee Lamb
  • Jim Larson
  • Gayle Larson
  • Kim Lavoie
  • Rob Lavoie
  • Bob Leach
  • Bud Lentz
  • Bob Linscheid
  • Kim Lindeberg
  • Philip Linder
  • Rita Linder
  • Darcy Linn
  • Casey Lively
  • Don Lively
  • Del Loewe
  • Thomas Long
  • Dave Longhurst
  • Ron Lowe
  • Linda Ludlow
  • Ned Ludow
  • Rick Mahan
  • Janet Maiorana
  • Vince Maiorana
  • David Miller
  • Jean Meredith
  • Peter Meredith
  • David McCosker
  • Frank McEneany
  • Eloise McTigue
  • Pamela Montana
  • Linda Murphy
  • Mary Neal
  • Frank Newsom
  • Karina Newsom
  • Dan Noakes
  • Terri O’Connor
  • Dave Orgill
  • Janet Orgill
  • David Pearson
  • Jeanette Pearson
  • Don Peed
  • Pat Peed
  • Larry Pines
  • Randi Pines
  • Teresa Pierce
  • John Quereto
  • Ron Radetich
  • Don Reid
  • Jeanne Reid
  • Jeff Reed
  • Marvin Remmich
  • Susan Remmich
  • Gyre Renwick
  • Gary Riele
  • Roger Riffenburgh
  • Glen Robins
  • Laurie Robins
  • Rosalind Rogoff
  • Bob Sada
  • Linda Sada
  • Sharon Samson
  • Becky Sargent
  • Christine Saunders
  • Fran Schroder
  • Bill Sefton
  • Pam Severson
  • Ralph Severson
  • Christopher Sherry
  • Bob Singer
  • Bradley Smith
  • Scott Sorensen
  • Cathy Strahan
  • Steve Stahle
  • Cathy Straus
  • Dale  Stephens
  • Joanna Stephens
  • Frances Stephenson
  • Steve Stock
  • Tiffany Stock
  • Ed Stokes
  • John Sun
  • David Dedesco
  • Judith Tedesco
  • Dee Thompson
  • Terry Thompson
  • Tom Trowbridge
  • Dana Tsubota
  • Brent Tucker
  • Sandy Varco
  • Kay Wang
  • Walt Welti
  • Lissa Werson
  • John Wintersteen
  • Balaine Wightman
  • Barb Wightman
  • Sandee Wiedemann
  • Esther Wiens
  • Dick Wilcox
  • Lisa Wood
  • Bill Wright
  • Marilyn Wright
  • Rob Wurzbach
  • Carol Yates
  • James Zelnick
  • Melanie Zelnick

The Felon and the Bar President

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New CCCBA Board President, Philip Andersen, Sr.

Hello, I am Phil Andersen and I am very excited to be serving as your next Board President. I have had the pleasure of working on the Board for the last seven years, and have met many of you, but for those who don’t know me, let me tell you a little about myself.
I have been married to my wife Candace for 33 years and we are the parents of six children ranging in age from 18 to 31. Four of our children are married and we have three grandchildren with one more on the way. Our youngest son is serving as a Mormon Missionary in Salta Argentina.
I was born in Los Angeles but when I was five years old I had the great fortune to live on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. My parents moved our family (7 children) to the North Shore of Oahu (Laie) where my father worked as a Dean of what is now BYU Hawaii. Living in Hawaii was an amazing experience, but when I was 13, I got to leave one beautiful place for another – my family moved to Alamo where my father worked as the Executive Director of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). I love the Bay Area. I am a graduate of Monte Vista High School in Danville (Class of ’74 – Go Mustangs!).
I attended BYU for both undergraduate and law school, and it was there that I met my lovely wife. After law school, I began my practice in one of my two favorite places – Hawaii.
Hawaii is a special place for both of us. My wife’s family lived in Hawaii for five generations and her parents still live there, so we began our lives together in Hawaii. I started out at a small insurance defense firm in Honolulu. We lived with Candace’s parents for a few months before we rented a small cottage in Manoa Valley, close to the law school where Candace finished her last year.
After three years in Honolulu we decided it was time to move back to the mainland and we were drawn back to my other favorite place – the Bay Area. I was hired on by the insurance defense firm of Ropers Majeski in San Jose. I worked there for seven years until I was recruited away by an insurance company (USF&G) to manage their in-house insurance defense offices in San Jose and Walnut Creek. I enjoyed trying cases for them and managing the offices. They merged with St. Paul Insurance Company and my office moved to Oakland and increased in size. In 2003 I was recruited away to be the managing attorney for the State Farm in-house office. I have been with State Farm for 13 years now. Although I “fell into” insurance defense work, it turned out that I really enjoy the practice. I enjoy getting to know other attorneys, trying and settling cases and helping my clients.
Actually, that is really how I got involved with the Bar Association – by getting to know other attorneys. I had gotten to know Larry Cook trying cases on opposite sides. I enjoy working with him and his firm, along with the many other plaintiff firms in the Bay Area. He encouraged me to apply for an opening on the Board of Directors and helped me get nominated.
I consider myself lucky to be counted among the members of the board. I initially joined because I wanted to increase the scope of my networking with other attorneys, give back to the legal community and to help other lawyers in their practice. Now, having been on the board for seven years, I really appreciate the hard work that the board members do and the friendships we have developed.
One of the most rewarding parts of serving on the board is mingling with the sections and their leaders. I also enjoy working with the young lawyers and mentoring and helping them network. Recently, I have been fortunate to be part of the Diversity Committee under the leadership of past CCCBA president, Robin Pearson. In that role I was proud to invite Paulette Brown, the president of the ABA, to speak to us.
In addition to my work on the board, I am the president of the Insurance Staff Counsel Committee of the State Bar. I also serve as a volunteer pro tem judge and mediator for both San Francisco and Contra Costa counties. I am the Chair of the State Farm In-House Law Department Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I also serve as the chair of the San Francisco Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society.
Outside of my work in the legal field, I am also involved in many County events through my wife Candace’s work as a member of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors (District 2). Finally, and most importantly, I am involved in church service. In my “free time” I like to jog, sing and play the guitar for hospice patients and spend time with my three grandchildren.
During my time as Board President, my vision is to continue to emphasize and strengthen the 20 sections of the CCCBA and to focus on diversity and inclusion. In my view, the role of the bar is to “empower our members to deliver outstanding legal service to our community.”
I do not see any reason we cannot accomplish this. We have a very well-run association thanks to our Executive Director, Theresa Hurley, and our board and section leadership. I am looking forward to getting to know many more attorneys this year and giving back in any way I can.
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